Quechua 0.5L Quick Flask (2014)

The Quechua 0.5L Quick Flask is a stainless flask that comes with a purple finish that feels nice in the hand. It is only available in a 500ml capacity and has a loop on the outside so you could potentially clip it to a rucksack. The lid screw on easily and the press button lid worked well. The temperature dropped off rapidly though compared to others, losing 11 degrees in 2 hours and 30 degrees over an 8 hour period. The low price of the Quechua 0.5L Quick Flask is attractive but other flasks in our test kept drinks warmer for longer, which may be important for hillgoers in winter particularly.

Capacity tested 500ml
Sizes available 500ml
Dimensions 7x24.5cm
Weight 343g
Website www.decathlon.co.uk

Review by Graham Thompson
Just missed out on being in Trail magazine October 2014