Pure Hydration Aquasak Inline Filter 2011

Many walkers use a hydration bladder stashed in a rucksack with a feeder pipe that they drink from while on the move. You could just filter the water before putting it into the bladder, but a more practical alternative is to fit this inline filter to the bladder’s feedpipe so the water is filtered as you suck it through the system. The Pure Hydration Aquasak Inline Filter is designed to work with standard hydration bladders from CamelBak, Source and Platypus as well as others. It’s easy to fit, is very light and relatively cheap.  But once the filter reaches the end of its service life the whole unit needs replacing. While it works well as part of your hydration system, it can’t easily be adapted for other filtering requirements, so you may end up having to buy another purifier to filter water for campsite purposes.

Filter type 0.0002mm filter, iodine
Replacement complete unit £40
Effectiveness bacteria, parasites, viruses
Flow rate speed of user sucking through filter
Service life 350 litres before unit needs replacing
Packed size 12x5cm
Running costs based on unit replacement 1 litre = 11p up to 350 litres;
1 litre = 11p over 350 litres
Weight 102g
Made in UK
Number of stores in the UK 35
Stockist details – tel. (01252) 727820; www.purehydration.co.uk

The Pure Hydration Aquasak Inline Filter is a useful option for use with a hydration system, but it’s far less versatile than standalone water purifiers.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine June 2011