Pure Hydration Aquapure Traveller Bottle

This is a low-priced, lightweight and incredibly simple option. It is basically a standard water bottle with a purifier built into the cap, which can be replaced with a new filter after its 350 litre capacity has been reached. The water is collected in the bottle, left for 15 minutes and then squeezed through the 2 micron filter and iodine purifier that is built into the lid. You can drink straight from the bottle or squeeze the water into a cup. No additional treatment is required for removal of viruses either. It’s approved by the MOD and even used by BBC and ITN news crews! But this only has a service life of 350 litres before filter replacement, which is lower than most alternatives, so it’s not ideal for long trips unless you carry plenty of spare filters. Also you can only purify the 0.6 litre capacity of the bottle per 15 minutes as it needs to be left to stand, so it is not ideal for large quantities of water. The purified water tastes of iodine too.


Filter type: 0.0002mm filter, iodine
Replacement cartridge: £35
Effectiveness: bacteria, parasites, viruses
Flow rate: drinking speed/0.6 litre per 15 minutes
Service life: 350 litres
Packed size: 28x17x10cm
Running costs:
1 litre = 11p up to 350 litres
1 litre = 10p over 350 litres
Weight: 126g
Made in UK
Stores in UK: England 20; Wales 2; Scotland 2; Ireland 0

Verdict: Buy it if you want an easy-to-use system for small quantities of water while trekking as this is ideal for the purpose.