Pure Hydration Aqua Pure Traveller 2011

The Pure Hydration Aqua Pure Traveller is a low-priced and lightweight option that’s easy to use. Simply remove the cap, fill the bottle with water, then squeeze it to force the water out though the filter built into the cap. You can drink the water straight from its exit valve, or squeeze the water into a cup. In terms of ease of use and price it’s pretty hard to beat, while endorsements from London’s Hospital for Tropical Diseases add further confidence that it can do what it says on the box. Unlike its predecessor, the 2011 version contains no iodine and doesn’t require you to wait before you drink. But it’s not the ideal unit for filtering larger quantities of water. The service life is pretty short, too. So, for longer trips or group use, other options might be more viable.

Filter type 0.0002mm filter
Replacement filter cartridge £30
Effectiveness bacteria, parasites, viruses
Flow rate speed of user sucking through filter
Service life 350 litres before cartridge needs replacing
Packed size 28x17x10cm
Running costs based on cartridge replacement 1 litre = 10p up to 350 litres;
1 litre = 8.6p over 350 litres
Weight 122g
Made in UK
Number of stores in the UK 35
Stockist details – tel. (01252) 727820; www.purehydration.co.uk

The Pure Hydration Aqua Pure Traveller is useful for purifying drinking water during a walk, but others are better if you need access to larger quantities.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine June 2011