Princeton Tec Remix (2014)

The Princeton Tec Remix is a well-established headtorch that has appeared in Trail before. It can punch out 100 lumens of power for 28 hours, which is ideal for descending hill paths, while its 200 hours maximum burn time on its lowest power setting makes it useful around the campsite. You don’t get a red light or a battery power indicator so the feature list isn’t quite as good as some other options. Operation is via a reasonably large button on the top, which can be used with gloves and is quite easy to locate thanks to some raised bars on the top. The headtorch rotates and locks firmly in place once set, although this action is a little too firm when the torch is on your head, as sometimes I needed to use two hands to adjust it. The batteries fit into the end of the main housing and a very secure cover is provided, but this is a little too secure compared to others as it’s a little harder to open with cold, wet hands. These are very minor niggles, though, when the price and general performance are taken into consideration. At £40 the Princeton Tec Remix is a good option.

Bulb 1 x high-output white LED; 3 x white LEDs
Maximum brightness 100 lumens for 28 hours
Maximum beam 73m
Maximum burn time 200 hours
Batteries 3xAAA
Battery charge indicator no
Weight with batteries 83g



The light output is very good and while the design isn’t absolutely perfect, at this price the Princeton Tec Remix is a great option for many hillwalkers.

Review by Graham Thompson
Published in Trail magazine February 2014