Princeton Tec Quad 2010

The Princeton Tec Quad is a compact, lightweight headtorch where the batteries fit directly in the back of the headtorch. A bolt has to be unscrewed to open the housing and this can be achieved by using the headstrap plastic buckle moulding. Also the battery cover is hinged so there is no problem of losing it in the dark. The head tilts easily using a ratchet to prevent movement from vibrations. Power remaining in the batteries is indicated by a dedicated bulb and on full power the headtorch kicks out 45 lumens and a beam of 35 metres. But you can switch between three output levels plus strobe to make this a very useful torch for camping as well as seeing the route ahead. Battery life can extend to 105 hours on the lowest setting, which is reasonable for camping.  But the screw on the Princeton Tec Quad’s battery housing may not be to everyone’s liking and is perhaps not quite as easy to use as some other clever solutions to this key part of a headtorch. Longer burn times and longer beam lengths are available for similar prices. There is no red light for night vision benefits either.

Bulbs 4 white Ultra Bright LEDs
Brightness 45 lumens
Maximum beam 35 metres
Max burn time 105 hours
Batteries 3 x AAA (included)
Battery charge indicator yes
Weight with batteries 96g
Made in USA
Stores in the UK 50

The Princeton Tec Quad is a good all-round headtorch that would be ideal for general outdoor use, but others have a slight edge on performance.
Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine February 2010