Princeton Tec Fuel

This is a very lightweight headtorch with a long battery life on minimal power. The simple design uses a barrel-shaped unit to hold batteries and bulbs, with a switch on the top. There are three power settings plus flash. The manufacturer claims a 26m maximum distance of beam – and this is very broad, which is ideal for camping and walking. The beam can be directed by rotating the barrel unit, and there is a ratchet mechanism to control the movement. This is a very clever piece of design that provides good performance. But with only three LEDs it is not surprising that this is not as bright as other headtorches. There is no top-of-head strap either, so it may not be totally secure or stable on the head. Like many headtorches there is no ‘power remaining’ indicator, and it is not quite as comfortable as a unit with batteries stored at the back of the head.

Bulbs: 3 x LED
Batteries: 3 x AAA (included)
Max burn time: 160 hours (1 LED)
Weight with batteries: 76g
Made in: USA
Stores in UK: 72

Verdict: Ideal if you only need minimal light output but prefer an exceptionally lightweight design.