Princeton Tec Apex

You get a claimed 56m beam of light and five power settings so you can influence battery life. The torch can also be set to flash in emergencies. The head can be tilted, and there is a chunky nut and bolt to secure it if it should loosen. The design is very comfortable on the head, and it’s made more secure by the top-of-head strap. The battery case is a strong design that sits at the back of the head, which further enhances comfort of this unit. There is a battery power indicator too. A reasonable performance in many ways. But annoyingly the battery pack is a little harder to open than some others, but at least you get a moulded key on the headstrap to make it easier than some. However, I found it stiffer to access with cold or wet hands compared to some models. This is not the brightest lighting option here and some of the lower-priced torches may offer better features for you. The tilting head does not get a ratchet to secure it, so it may drift down if not tighten up properly, however you do only have to tighten the nut and bolt to improve this. So as long as you keep an eye on this, it may not be too much of a problem. There are some niggles, but still a torch to take a closer look at.

Vital stats
Bulbs 4 x LED, 1 x 3 watt LED
Batteries 4 x AA (included)
Max burn time 96 hours (3 LED); 150 hours (krypton)
Weight with batteries 272g
Made in USA
Stores in UK 125

Verdict Price and battery case access lets down an otherwise reasonable headtorch for general walking.