Primus PrimeLite Race headtorch - Volunteer tester

Review by socrates

My first impression of the Primus PrimeLite when I first got it out of the package was that it seemed big and clumsy.

After playing with it in my living room and getting a feel for it I put the batteries in.

Then, having one of those moments, I just couldn't work out how to turn it on. After a lot of button pressing and battery changing I realised I wasn't holding the button down for long enough! 

After that little mishap I was away testing it immediately in my garage (which can be perilously dangerous without a light) but straight away I could see that it was easily bright enough on the lowest setting.

My first real use of it was on a night walk I know well - it was difficult to find a way to wear it that was comfortable.

I adjusted the strap so that it wasn’t too tight and found the wire tidies really helpful, I found that attaching the battery pack to my belt was the best and it actually made the torch and strap feel light on my head.

I found the reflective stripes on the strap reassuring as we walked down the pitch black road.

The light was extremely bright and shone a good circular beam around you. This is great for walking so you don’t have to keep your head bent to the ground and can watch out for trees while the floor is still reasonably lit.

It also has a great distance beam that easily competes in any of the 'boys with toys' tests of whose beam is the longest.

I also found this head torch to be extremely water resistant after being drenched in a heavy downpour.

To round up, I found it a little difficult to get used to but once I found a comfortable position and, after an extremely successful first use, I was really impressed and look forward to using it on more walks and on my bike as the nights draw in.

Trying out the Primus PrimeLite Race headtorch

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