Premac Travel Well Trekker

This 180g water purifier is extremely compact, being smaller than a water bottle. The filter will remove viruses too without the addition of extra tablets of iodine, making it ideal if you’re drinking from a source where waterborne bugs are likely to be a problem. You get a very simple design with a pre-filter on the inflow pipe and an outflow pipe that can easily be dangled into a water bottle. If you want one of the most compact and light options then this is just the job, particularly if you want maximum protection against viruses. But the flow rate is lower than some others at just 0.4 litres per minute. The filter also only has a 250 litre capacity before a £40 replacement is needed, making the running cost very high. The water has a strong iodine taste after use, so this is best if mixed with some orange juice after purifying. The input pipe also tends to float too easily on the surface of water, and you can’t screw the outflow pipe to a water bottle.


Filter type: activated charcoal cloth filter, iodine
Replacement cartridge: £40
Effectiveness: bacteria, parasites, viruses
Flow rate: 0.4 litres per minute
Service life: 250 litres
Packed size: 14x4.5cm
Running costs :
1 litre = 28p up to 250 litres
1 litre = 16p over 250 litres
Weight: 180g
Made in UK
Stores in UK: England 85; Wales; 10; Scotland 10; Ireland 10

Verdict: Buy it if you want a very light and exceptionally compact purification system that’s also effective against viruses.