PowerTraveller SolarGorilla (2014)

PowerTraveller really started the portable power game with the revolutionary PowerMonkey, so they know their stuff. If you just need a massive, rugged, freakishly efficient solar panel the SolarGorilla is exactly this. This PU-coated, glass-panelled device can directly charge phones and tablets – and even some laptops. It’s designed primarily to work with powerbanks (PowerTraveller’s offering is the PowerGorilla, though it will work with most) but it can charge devices directly. This is a rather unpredictable strategy, however, as the stronger the sunlight, the stronger the charge – and vice versa. The presence of charging UV is indicated by a green LED. So if you’ll be travelling in places where sunlight will be strong and plentiful, this gizmo could sort you out.


Capacity none
Weight 700g
Weather-resistant? yes
Output 20V DC and 5V USB
Charging method solar
Onboard storage? no


Buy the PowerTraveller SolarGorilla if you frequent the desert.

Review by Simon Ingram
Published in Trail magazine June 2014