Petzl Tikka Plus

The Petzl Tikka Plus headtorch is a well-established classic. It is exceptionally lightweight at just 78g, yet it provides a superb level of light that is ideal for camping and walking. The batteries fit directly behind the lights and there is one button to control the three power settings plus flash. The maximum light beam is 32m according to the manufacturers, but what I like is that the beam fills the shadows better than most, so you get very useful general illumination of the ground ahead. The head tilts with a moulded ratchet system. All that for just £30 is superb value. But fitting the batteries is not as easy as others if you have cold or wet hands. Also there is no top-of-head strap, so this is not the most secure and stable option. Like many headtorches there is no ‘power remaining’ indicator, and some others are a little brighter if you are prepared to pay or carry more.

Vital stats
Bulbs 4 x LED
Batteries 3 x AAA (included)
Max burn time 150 hours (1 LED)
Weight with batteries 78g
Made in France
Stores in UK 1,500

Verdict: Unbeatable at the price and weight, and ideal for general outdoor hill-walking and camping.