Peli Headsup Lite 2630 LED

This is a very capable headtorch that does just about everything very well. It has a top-of-head band for extra security and the batteries are fitted at the back of the head, resulting in a very comfortable and stable unit. You also get a ‘power remaining’ indicator to ensure you have enough light for the night. Surprisingly you also get a choice of cloth or rubber head straps. There are three power settings and a flash setting for emergencies. This is reasonably lightweight and compact, and it offers a good level of light for general walking and camping. But you do not get the length or width of beam of some torches, but to be fair what you do get works well when walking and camping. The headstraps need to be fitted by the user, which you may find annoying, but at least you get a choice of straps to use. The head tilt system is not as smooth and fluid in movement as some others.

Vital stats
Bulbs 1 x 1 watt LED
Batteries 3 x AA (included)
Max burn time 24 hours
Weight with batteries 194g
Made in USA
Stores in UK 100