These trekking poles have been around a few years now and developed a select following among those lucky enough to have experienced their unique handles. The handle is a moulded rubber design that sits perfectly in the hand and allows a very natural walking action with less shoulder and elbow movement. Compare this to any other pole, and it is noticeable how much more energy-efficient the Pacerpole design is. The pole allows a very natural walking action, and I find that it is easier to place the tip accurately compared to other poles. Unlike other poles, the wrist loops have been removed and replaced with a cord loop that can be used for security against losing the pole on uneven ground. The shaft had a neoprene sleeve, which is just the job when you need to traverse a steep slope without having to adjust the pole length. Baskets are easy to fit, and pole length adjustment is as good as most. The poles extend to a maximum length of 129cm, which is plenty long enough for most people, and they collapse to 67cm. You can fit a camera attachment head to the handles too. If you are looking for a pole for long distance trekking, where efficiency and performance while walking are your priorities, there is probably nothing better than a Pacerpole. But the weight and packed length are greater than most poles and this is a real disadvantage if you intend carrying them on your rucksack while scrambling or for winter ascents when an ice axe will be used for some of the day rather than a trekking pole. The innovative design takes some getting used to. You might miss the shock-absorbing properties of other poles, too. Like many other models tested, the pole adjustment locking system is not ideal. So there are better poles for some activities. If you want better value for money, then you need to look at models with a less efficient design.


Handle: moulded thermo plastic
Shaft: 7075 aluminium alloy with neoprene sleeve
Max length: 129cm
Min length: 67cm
Weight: 690g per pair
Made in Taiwan
Stores in UK: England 4; Wales 0; Scotland 7; Ireland 0

Verdict: Buy it if you want a more efficient pole design for long distance backpacking or trekking, where you will be likely using the poles all day, rather than stowing them on your rucksack for long periods.