Pacer Poles

More than a simple pole, these are a biomechanically designed solution to whole body movement. Buying a set involves something of a re-education on how to walk, as you have to adapt your walking style to the way the poles have been designed. In practice this means large hand grips that are tilted forward to fit the natural angle of your wrists. They are incredibly comfortable. Although perfectly formed to the shape of your hands, the grips do take a little getting used to, and the poles can feel heavy after using the strap-supported action of regular poles. Using the Pacers requires a bit of a commitment, with their larger packed size and weight, so they are not really for those who only use poles in trickier situations.

Material: Aluminium
Weight (pair): 682g
Packed/max walking length: 67cm/137cm
Anti-shock: No
Contact: 0 7726409992;