Review: The Pacerpole features a grip that is completely different to other poles, with a large, anatomically shaped handle that’s angled well forward. It’s extremely comfortable in the hand. Instead of straps, which aren’t needed with this design, it has cord-retaining leashes to make sure you don’t drop the poles. In action, the poles feel fantastic – really easy to place and very supportive when you really need to put all your weight through them on a steep descent. They are very heavy, though, and although in the hand this is barely noticeable, it makes a huge difference when you are carrying them on a pack. The huge grips don’t pack very well either. Overall, they are innovative and effective and definitely worth a try.
Made from: Aluminium
Sections: Three
Min/max walking length: 67-137cm
Weight (pair): 660g
Antishock: No
Contact: 08000 323 50,