Outdoor Designs Boojum Bladder 2 litre

This hydration system is made from a double layer of PU and crackproof-tested down to -20 deg C. The screw cap is compatible with Nalgene water bottles and therefore also many water purification systems. The large cog grip screw cap can be easily opened wearing gloves too. The system did not leak and the water tasted okay, although it wasn’t the best. But the bite valve cannot be locked closed, so it can leak if squeezed by accident. Also the suspension loops are a little delicate compared to some others. When it comes to cleaning, other bladders have wide openings.


Materials: double PU
Capacity: 2 litres
Weight: 196g
Made in China
Stores in UK: England 29; Wales 8; Scotland 3; Ireland 0

Verdict: Buy it if you want a low-priced hydration system with reasonable performance.