Out & About Nipper

The Nipper is the lightest all-terrain buggy we tested, something you really appreciate given the number of times you’ll be lugging it in and out of the car. It feels wieldy on the move too, although it’s not quite the most manoeuvrable. The Nipper’s clearly been designed by people with real target-market experience: it’s packed with thoughtful features you appreciate on the trail. The fixed front wheel gives an arrow-straight course on wobbly ground, it’s the only one with its own brake, and it’s quick-release too to make more room when the buggy’s in your boot. The storage bag below the seat is the best we’ve seen, since it swallows loads and closes tight in with a drawstring. There’s a detachable bottle holder and lidded stash box that fits near the near the handle, an advantage if you don’t want your mobile in your pocket. The hood (with window) is the longest of the lot, and keeps sun and rain off without you having to resort to the (included) raincover as soon as it starts to spit.  But the Nipper is fiddly to fold and unfold. The long hood is spoiled somewhat by having a mesh panel behind the seat: it’s good for ventilation but it does let the sun onto your child’s head. It feels a bit rattly and less durable compared to others too. Wire spoked wheels are not the most sturdy, and the rear suspension has no perceptible benefit to ride smoothness. Finally, each rear wheel has its own foot brake pedal, which is pointless.


Tested weight: 7.8kg
Ages: 0-4 years
Colours: navy, red or charcoal
Handle height: 38in
Folded size length: 36in
Width: 23.5in
Depth: 18in

Verdict: Buy it if you want a well-priced and lightweight buggy with user-friendly features.