Osprey HydraForm Reservoir 2010

The Osprey HydraForm Reservoir, a newcomer to the market, is designed to go with Osprey’s new range of Manta packs, produced more with the needs of bikers in mind than walkers – but it is available separately. The plastic around the screw lid reinforces the hose attachment and forms a handle that makes filling much easier. The back panel is stiff, so it’s less of a struggle to slide into a full rucksack. This also ensures a better fit against the back. It works best in a Manta pack, where tension in the sack delivers a regular flow of water; but it performs perfectly well in any pack. The technology comes from Nalgene so there are antimicrobial treatments to prevent gunk build-up and a locking bite valve with a magnetic clip to keep it in place on an Osprey pack. But there’s no option to remove the hose, which will make cleaning the Osprey HydraForm Reservoir more difficult and doesn’t aid functionality. And because the hose is so thick, it can be difficult to get the magnetic clip in the right place to prevent the bite valve simply popping off. It’s also the heaviest in this test.

Material EVA film with AquaGuard antimicrobial treatment
Capacity 3 litres (2 litres also available at £25)
Weight 280g
Made in Vietnam
Stockists – tel. (01202) 413920; www.ospreypacks.com

The HydraForm Reservoir is standard on Osprey Manta packs so if you’re a keen biker, thinking about buying one (a Manta 30 with reservoir is £100), you’ll get this bladder with some great technical benefits that maybe just what you need.

Review by Matt Swaine
First published in Trail magazine Spring 2010