Ortlieb Duffel Bag 60 (2012)

The Ortlieb Duffel Bag is an inventively designed waterproof duffel that comes in 85 litre and 110 litre versions, but the 60 litre example should be big enough for the average hillwalker. The main benefit of the waterproof construction is that it can be used for kayaking expeditions – particularly popular on the west coast of Scotland – and could comfortably be stowed on a car roof (or in a coach underbelly) without fear of wetting your gear. It also provides peace of mind in other everyday situations plagued by rain. The construction is simple and intelligent, with the two centrally placed straps doubling up as a carry handle when connected, and adjustable shoulder straps when not. There is an outer, netted pouch for incidental items, while the main zip inspires confidence, being solidly air- and waterproof, with the opposing end of the zip affixing to side-mounted pegs for added security. The main compartment includes two small zip-up hanging pouches and a central adjustable strap to secure the contents before the main zip is done up. It’s also extremely light (1.18kg), making it very easy to transport.

Simplicity, practicality and obviously rugged design are the main selling points here, and it’s the most accomplished and technically capable of the bags on test. The £140 price tag places it at the higher end of the spectrum, but the high-quality design easily justifies the cost.


Material PD 620

Size 29x58x35cm

Capacity 60 litres

Weight 1.18kg

Website www.ortlieb.co.uk



The Ortlieb Duffel Bag 60 is the best waerproof duffel we looked at.


Review by Dan Aspel

First published in Trail magazine April 2012