Olympus SP-570 UZ 2008

The Olympus SP-570 UZ boasts an awe-inspiring 20x superzoom lens, ranging from 26-520mm. This delivers the best of both worlds – a compact camera with very good wide-angle coverage (allowing you to capture those broad, sweeping summit vistas) as well as allowing you to zoom in extremely close to isolated subjects. To zoom smoothly, there’s a manual zoom ring on the front of the camera, which is a nice touch.
Ordinarily this extra-long focal length would dramatically magnify any camera shake, but the SP-570 UZ has a dual anti-shake system – a mechanical method of correcting camera shake along with an ISO boost, which automatically increases the ISO sensitivity and makes your shutter speeds faster. The downside is that at these high ISOs, your telephoto pictures can appear more grainy/noisy.
Because of the massive zoom lens, the SP-570 UZ is larger than other compacts, with a protruding front and chunky handgrip, so it’s not ideal to try to squeeze in your pocket. It’s also quite heavy too.

Resolution 10Mp
Lens 20x zoom (26-520mm)
Screen 2.7in
Memory type SD/SDHC
Video capability yes, with sound
Dimensions 118x84x87.5mm
Weight 445g (without battery and card)
If you want bags of flexibility and are prepared to compromise slightly on the optical quality of the lens, as well as overall size and weight, then the Olympus SP-570 UZ is definitely worth a look.

Review by Phil Hall from Digital Photo magazine
First published in Trail magazine September 2008