Olight Wave 15 (2014)

This headtorch boasts some impressive features on first appearances. It packs 150 lumens, which is brighter than many torches at this price, although it can only produce that level of power for 3 hours, which is a little limiting. The top red button is ideal for changing the light settings as it can easily be used with gloves. But you also get an infra-red setting that allows you to wave your hand across the torch to switch it on or off. I found this just irritating, as I tended to turn it off when I wanted to tilt the head angle. There is also a diffuser lens on the front of the main LED, and this changes the beam width from narrow to wide. However this lens flips up too easily just when you are tilting the head or operating the main red button on the top. Add in a pair of gloves to the mix, or just cold and wet hands, and keeping any sort of control on the light output becomes a test of stamina as it is just so annoying too use. Other brands have used the infra-red sensor with equally poor results, but adding the diffuser lens that triggers too easily makes the design even less user-friendly. The basic housing design of this torch and the main button are good, though, if the infra-red option and diffuser lens are discounted.

Bulb 1 x high power LED; 2 x red LED
Brightness 150 lumens for 3 hours
Maximum beam 65m
Maximum burn time 72 hours at 5 lumens
Batteries 4xAAA
Battery charge indicator yes
Weight with batteries 134g



The poorly designed method of adjusting the light output means the Olight Wave 15 cannot be recommended for hillwalking as it is just too frustrating to use compared to other models that are available.

Review by Graham Thompson
Just missed out on being in Trail magazine February 2014