Nite MX40

While the digital superhighway may be running the world, there is still a place for an analogue watch face rather than a digital display, and this mountain watch is an excellent example. You get hour, minutes and seconds hands and these are treated with GTLS (gaseous tritium light source), which is said to be 100 times brighter than normal luminous paint. Three additional dials give you minutes elapsed on the stopwatch, seconds elapsed in normal time and a 24hr clock. Battery life is better than digital watches too as there is no backlight to drain the supply. This watch is also water-resistant to 200m, which is much better than most other models. The casing is stainless steel and you get an extra-thick scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, so this is exceptionally durable. If you just want a basic watch that is tough enough to take a hammering this is definitely the best option.
But At 110g this is very heavy. There is also no alarm, no barometer, no altimeter and no compass, and while none of these features is essential they are all useful additions that you may miss. The biggest drawback is the high price tag though, because this is quality, well-made kit, and sadly such perfection is not cheap to achieve. 


Screen size: 29mm diameter
Weight: 110g
Features: water-resistant to 200m; gaseous tritium light source; extra-thick scratch-resistant glass; stopwatch
Made in Japan/UK
Stores in UK: 150

Verdict: Buy it if you prefer analogue rather than digital display, want a durable workhorse and are prepared to pay the price.