Nite MX10 (2013)

If you’ve always wanted to own a watch worn by those lovely folk at NATO, the Nite MX10 is their issue timepiece – and some models in the MX10 range feature an official NATO stock number. Stylishly simple, dinky and robust, the Nite range’s pièce de résistance is the method of illumination, known as GTLS: small capsules of gaseous tritium (GT), a (slightly!) radioactive isotope of hydrogen that provides a 25 year, self-powered light source (LS). This gives a ghostly, night-vision-green light source, considered the most reliable in the business. The gunmetal-hued 201G variant of the MX10 with the polymer strap doesn’t do much but tell the time and remind you of the date – but it’s very cool.

Price £249
Type analogue, battery
Weight 78g
Water resistance 200m

Review by Simon Ingram
First published in Trail magazine October 2013