Nikon D60 2008

Digital SLR cameras offer better image quality, faster performance and more creative options than a compact, and the Nikon D60 is a great example. It’s one of the smallest D-SLRs available, but it still has a solid feel, with a large handgrip. It’s not daunting to use, either – the options menu is very straightforward to navigate and although there are more advanced features here than you’d find on a compact, you can set it up to be just a simple point-and-shoot camera too, until you gain more confidence.
The sensor is better than those found in compacts, so the 10Mp sensor will allow you to print easily up to A3 without having to worry about image quality. It also has a great ISO range, going up to 3200 for really tricky lighting conditions – though expect some noise (graininess on the image).
The standard zoom lens (included in the price) offers a good standard coverage from 18-55mm (factoring in the cropped sensor, this would be 27.5-82.5mm in 35mm-film format).
To combat camera shake, there’s also Nikon’s Vibration Reduction technology incorporated into the kit lens, with tiny gyros serving to counteract camera movement during exposures.

Resolution 10.1Mp
Lens 3x zoom (18-55mm)
Screen 2.5in
Memory type SD/SDHC
Video capability no
Dimensions 126x94x64 mm
Weight 495g (without battery and card)

The Nikon D60 is small enough not to be a hindrance, takes brilliant photos and is backed up with a massive range of lenses and other accessories. We rated is as ‘best for aspioring pros’ in our review.

Review by Phil Hall from Digital Photo magazine
First published in Trail magazine September 2008