Nalgene CXC Big Bore 2 litre

From the makers of one of the most popular water bottles on the market comes an equally good hydration system. The CXC material gives no residual taste or smell, while an Aquaguard antimicrobial hose ensures a good taste, and in our tests the water palatability was excellent. The bite valve has a magnetic clip, which is unusual but useful. But the bite valve cannot be locked closed, so it may leak if accidentally squeezed. The screw opening is not as big as some others, so it’s not the easiest to clean.


Materials: CXC polymer
Capacity: 2 litres
Weight: 200g
Made in USA
Stores in UK: England 60; Wales 5; Scotland 7; Ireland 3

Verdict: Buy it if you like nice-tasting water and the magnetic pipe clip, and can live with the niggles of the design.