Multimat Discovery (2014)

If you’re really into saving weight and money, and can handle the sneers from technology-obsessed walking buddies, you really can’t beat a classic closed-cell foam mat. No need to worry about spare pumps, self-inflating devices or repair kits; you simply unroll it, chuck it on the ground and go to sleep. The Multimat Discovery is made from high-quality polyolefin foam – designed for comfort and long-lasting performance – and its no-frills image is completed by the fact it comes with elastic straps, rather than a fancy stuffsack, to keep it compacted when not in use. The Multimat Discovery squashes down to a 55x17cm roll, so if you don’t mind lashing it to the outside of your pack while you walk, you’ve got a great piece of gear that could last a lifetime.

Dimensions 185x55x1cm
Packed weight 353g
Repair kit/pump? no/no

Buy the Multimat Discovery if you want to save weight and cash.

Review by Oli Reed
First published in Trail magazine April 2014