Multimat Adventure 38 (2013)

Robust and simple, Multimat products have been a favourite among budget- and quality-conscious buyers for many years. The Adventure 38 has a vertically punched foam inner much like the £70 Karrimor X-Lite FL, and shares length, shape and the same type of valve with the cheaper mat – a swivel-top ‘lock valve’ that allows you to add top-up air without letting air escape. In practice, this is tough for anyone but a saxophonist, but it works okay. The pack size of the Multimat Adventure 38 is around that of the Karrimor, though it looks bigger in shop wrap. The stuffsack swamps it, too – though it does come with straps to keep it tightly rolled for the smallest pack size. It’s still on the bulky side – and the mat is rated four-season, which is the likely reason. The 5.3 tog value will insulate you to -15 deg C and its thickness (the 38 refers to depth, in mm) means that it is suited to winter, and that padding makes it comfy for a fairly slim design. One downside is that for warm climates it may be too warm! A short style in the Multimat Adventure 38 isn’t available, but the thinner version (the Adventure 25) comes in ‘compact’ 119cm size (£55).

Dimensions (LxWxD) 183x510x3.8cm
Warmth range 4-season, 5.3 Tog, -15 deg C
Alternative sizes none
Weight (with stuffsack) 752g (778g)
Repair kit / pump? yes / no
Insulation vertically punched self-inflating foam


Robust, warm and simple, the Multimat Adventure 38 is a good option for those who want a decent-quality, versatile option at a reasonable price.

Review by Simon Ingram
First published in Trail magazine April 2013