Momentum VS-1 2009

With the Momentum VS-1 in Compass mode you see the readings scroll from N through NNW to NW, rather like a compass ball suspended in water. In Time mode you can pick a variety of displays to emphasise the data that’s most important. There’s functionality specifically for skiing and sailing on here too, but it works very well on the hill, feels very accurate and the buttons are very easy to use. However personally I prefer the simplicity of display that comes with the Suunto watches and the clarity of the Timex and Barigo models. The ability to tailor the displays here didn’t really appeal.


Screen size 25mm diameter
Weight 90g
Features altitude range -700m to 9000m, water-resistant to 50m, digital compass, weather forecast

Verdict: The Momentum VS-1 is an excellent watch that is very accurate on the hill and could appeal to keen walkers who also ski, sail or just like the ability to be able to select different display options.


Review by Matt Swaine
First published in Trail magazine September 2009