Memory-Map Digital Map Shop (a.k.a. DMS) 2010

DMS is Memory-Map’s ‘iTunes take’ on digital mapping. Set up an online account, choose a scale of mapping, draw the area you want and download. Top-up vouchers start from £25, which give you a chunk of mapping equating to 750 square kilometres – which you would be able to divide down into areas as small as 100 square kilometres. This latest incarnation of Memory-Map is a refined beast that will tackle any mapping task. The user interface takes a bit of getting used to but for most fluent PC users route planning and uploading to other devices is easy. A particularly strong feature is the window setup when viewing in 3D, while the interaction between the 3D and 2D windows makes visualisation very easy. There are pros and cons to each of the mapping systems we’ve tested here, but the good news is that you can download free working versions of this and other systems and test them out properly before you commit to purchasing actual mapping. However, if you do change systems mapping purchased cannot be transferred. It’s difficult to fault this package. To fully exploit it you need decent broadband speed, but Memory-Map does also sell its digital mapping in CD format as well. It’s only PC-compatible, which means it’s no use to you if you run a Mac.

Access online and DVD
Platform PC, pocket PC and smartphone

Looks good and is easy to use. Its screen layout will appeal to information gluttons and those who prefer Memory-Map’s 3D manipulation.

Review by Jeremy Ashcroft
First published in Trail magazine March 2010