Memory-Map (2012)

Memory-Map’s software can be installed on your computer via direct download or by purchasing a CD-ROM complete with map credits. It’s only PC-compatible, which is frustrating for Mac users. Alternatively, install the Memory-Map App straight to your GPS-enabled smartphone. All that’s required then is to simply purchase mapping by the square, tailoring the area covered to your needs. The app is licensed for use on up to five devices including PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Memory-Map Adventurer GPS units. Maps can be shared between devices, allowing you create a route on your PC and transfer it to your smartphone, or log a track on your Adventurer GPS and upload it to your laptop. Memory-Map’s TrailZilla site also enables you to share and purchase routes with other members of the community. Plus, you get free access to downloadable Trail routes with a subscription to the mag!

Price from £25
Computer mapping PC only
GPS receiver mapping yes
Smartphone mapping iPhone, Android and Symbian



This Memory -Map mapping software is best for users with multiple devices.


Review by Ben Weeks

First published in Trail magazine September 2012