Markill Aquarius Trinksystem 2.5litre

This hydration system comes with a cleaning brush and excellent instructions printed on the bladder. The bladder has a rolltop closure making filling and cleaning very easy, but you can also fill it through the screw joint between feeder pipe and bladder. No leakage developed during the weighted test. The taste of the water was also top quality. I also liked the durable and large big suspension loop. But the bite valve could easily be made to leak under a 2kg pressure just by touching it, but that was the only niggle of the design.


Capacity: 2.5 litres
Weight: 182g
Made in China
Stores in UK: England 15; Wales 3; Scotland 5; Ireland 0

Verdict: Buy it if you want easy-to-use features and will take care not to squeeze the bite valve in error.