Mammut X Sun (2014)

How much power is too much? The Mammut X Sun can blast out 950 lumens and create a beam of light that is 200m long – and this makes it ideal for fast-paced night-time activity or those who just want to be able see almost as clearly as in daylight! There are three LEDs in the head of this torch, which allows it to provide a wider range of outputs than other high-powered headtorches, so it goes from incredibly bright to pick out a distant path, to incredibly soft so it can be used just to read a map. The problem of course is that you can suddenly change to the super-bright mode and catch your mate in the face, so you need some care in using this torch to prevent dazzling your walking partners. The battery pack has to be recharged from the mains, so you can’t throw in AA batteries, so you might need a backup battery pack, which you don’t get in this kit. There is a ‘battery power remaining’ indicator, though, and when set on full Boost power the light switches down after 20 seconds to help preserve battery life. Everything is well-designed, but do you really need all that power? 

Bulbs 3 x high-power LEDs
Maximum brightness 950 lumens for 2.5 hours
Maximum beam 200m
Maximum burn time 40 hours
Batteries rechargeable 3.7V Li-ion battery pack
Battery charge indicator yes
Weight with batteries 278g
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For fast night-time activities and regular use the power of the Mammut X Sun is superb, but most campers and hillwalkers will find lower-priced torches with less power are more than adequate.

Review by Graham Thompson
Published in Trail magazine February 2014