Mammut X-Shot (2012)

The Mammut X-Shot benefits from a good range of white light outputs, from a full-power beam that is very clean, bright and wide to a more expansive flood for short-range use. You can buy an additional ambient light diffuser, which transforms the headtorch into a source of good general light when camping. The excellent quality of the light should make it an ideal tool for camping and hillwalking. But aside from these massive benefits I found some aspects of the design slightly irritating. The switch that controls the power is not as positive as others, and with gloves on it is much harder to use than would be ideal. The head rotation is not that clean, crisp or positive either. When you replace the batteries, the housing cover does not clip back together as neatly as others. These design niggles are small, but they do affect the overall performance when using this headtorch, which is a real pity, as in terms of pure light output it is excellent. It does not get a battery power indicator or a red light either. At £85 there are better-designed headtorches that are nicer to use, but there are few headtorches with the quality of light of the Mammut X-Shot.


Bulb 1 x high output white LED; 2 x white LED; 1 x rear red LED

Brightness 200 lumens

Maximum beam 110 metres

Minimum burn time 200 hours

Batteries 3xAA

Battery charge indicator no

Weight with batteries 182g




Superb light quality for camping and hillwalking; but the design of the Mammut X-Shot is not as good as other headtorches, which is a pity.


Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine February 2012