Mammut Lucido TX1 2011

Lucido lights are now branded as Mammut, and the TX1 is designed for alpine use. The Mammut Lucido TX1 is unusual as it has three red lamps on the back that flash so the user can be seen from the rear more easily. Also the head can be rotated to protect the lens and lamps from being broken when in a rucksack.

At 166g the Mammut Lucido TX1 is among the lightest in this test. There are lighter torches out there of course, but this is still pretty light. The important features are the battery pack and headlamp as both of these are very different to other headtorches. The battery pack has the three red LEDs on the back. These can be set to flash via the main buttons on the headtorch. Inside the battery housing are three AA batteries. At the headtorch end you get a single bright LED plus two smaller LEDs. These are operated by two buttons, with one button turning the main bright LED on or off, and the second button switching the smaller LEDs to low and high settings. Pressing both buttons triggers the red LEDs to flash. The headtorch housing has a good swivel action to allow the beam to be directed to the ground. This swivel action also allows the headlamp to be totally protected in the housing by rotating it through a full 180 degrees.

On the hill
My first niggle with the Mammut Lucido TX1 was the battery housing. It is very easy to remove the rubber cover with pressure from a thumb. But closing it again and making sure the rubber housing was fully wrapped around the plastic lip was difficult even indoors with warm hands and bright lights. Doing this outside in the dark and with wet cold hands is even harder. There is no battery power level indicator either.  The operating buttons are also quite small and smooth to the housing, which means they are harder to locate than some others. Once you get used to them they are okay, but others are easier. The head rotation idea is pretty good though and works well. However, you’re only getting 30 lumens of output here, but at least that low power lasts a longer than most. The bright light has a very narrow beam, which is useful – but a wider beam may be better when walking.

Bulbs 1 x high-output white LED; 2x white LED; 3 x red LED
Brightness 30 lumens
Maximum beam 105 metres
Max burn time 180 hours
Batteries 3xAA (included)
Battery charge indicator no
Weight with batteries 166g
Made in China
Stores in the UK 40
Stockist details tel. (01625) 508218;

The Mammut Lucido TX1 is reasonably lightweight; rear red lights, housing rotates to protect lamp; very long burn time; long beam of light. But no battery life indicator; low power output; battery housing cover is not as easy to fit as others; button operation is not as easy as others. The TX1 is okay, but the low output and fiddly battery housing cover are drawbacks that other headtorches do not have.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine January 2011