Mammut Lucido TX1 2010

The Mammut Lucido TX1 is a well-designed headtorch with a unique head that rotates in its housing to provide excellent directional control of the beam. The head stays in place well too when set in position. An additional Ambient Light housing can be added for an extra £9, which transforms this light into a useful camping lantern by diffusing the beam into a very broad flood. There is a set of three LEDs on the battery pack at the back and these can be set to flash, which is useful for biking. The front LEDs pump out a good level of light that has a long range, and also a broad flood that is ideal for many situations on the hill. On the head the unit is very comfortable and generally it does a good job, providing light for a wide range of activities. Importantly it will provide 180 hours of output when set at its lowest level, which makes it very useful when camping when that low output will be plenty.  But the Mammut Lucido TX1’s price tag lets it down compared to what else is available with similar performance. The red LEDs are all at the back of the head on the battery pack, meaning there is no red light for maintaining night vision.  There is no battery level indicator either. The two button control takes some getting used to and I found it less intuitive than other headtorches – which left me flashing when I did not want to!

Bulbs 1 high-output white LED; 2 white LEDs; 3 red LEDs
Brightness 30 lumens
Maximum beam 105 metres
Max burn time 180 hours
Batteries 3 x AA (included)
Battery charge indicator no
Weight with batteries 150g
Made in China
Stores in the UK 30

The price lets the Mammut Lucido TX1 down, but other features make it useful for walking, biking and camping.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine February 2010