Mamas & Papas Ecko 3

The Ecko 3 is a plushly padded all-terrain  buggy (it looks a bit like the interior of a Range Rover) and is excellent for getting your child off for a doze. It’s fairly straightforward to build, has a handy zipped pocket on the back for maps and other clobber, and a big under-seat stowage basket. Its one-handed folding mechanism is one of the best too. The handle is comfy, the chunky aluminium frame looks well-made and the whole thing reeks of quality. But it’s really no good as an off-roader. It’s massive and heavy; and while that does help give it a plush ride on lumpy ground, it’s more than outweighed by the pain the whole thing is to propel for more than an hour off-road. And don’t even mention stiles. Worse is the manoeuvrability: lifting the front wheel out of a rut or to change direction is a real effort in fixed-wheel mode (swivel-wheel mode is for town use only). Finally, there’s no window in the hood so you can check on your child.


Tested weight: 14.2kg
Ages: 0-3 years
Colours: grey/lime
Handle height: 40.5in centre; 39.5in edges
Folded size length: 33in
Width: 25in
Depth: 17in

Verdict: Buy it if you want a Range Rover-plush buggy and plan to go off-road about as often as they do.