MSR SureLock TR-3 2012 (2012)

The SureLock range of poles is MSR’s first entry into the competitive trekking pole market. It aims to tackle the classic problem of trekking poles – namely poor locking mechanism – by having a unique SureLock adjustment system, which relies on an internal pin that locates into a series of apertures on the inside of the tubes. The locking pins are released with a trigger handle. It is an ingenious design and once you get the hang of it, it works well. That said, only time will tell how reliable this system will be after a year or more of hard use, which is when conventional locking systems often fail, so the jury remains out on this. The handle of the pole is not as soft on the hand as other lower-priced options and it would benefit from more cushioning and a more ergonomic profile. Surprisingly for a new pole looking to make its mark the MSR SureLock TR-3  is a relatively heavy design – and it has a high price tag too, although this is a small trade-off if that locking mechanism continues to work in a year’s time.


Shaft material aluminium alloy

Handle material ABS with TPE, padded strap

Maximum length 131cm

Packed length 58cm

Weight 576g per pair

Anti-shock cushioning no



The MSR SureLock TR-3 is an innovative new design that is heavier and higher in price than others, so the jury is out on this until they have proven their performance in the long term.


Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine March 2012