MSC Traveler Solar Charger (2014)

A sturdy product the size of a hand-held GPS, the MSC Traveler Solar Charger combines an integrated solar panel with a pre-chargeable battery bank. You get two USB outputs – and therefore the ability to charge two devices simultaneously: a charge indicator and an on/off switch. MSC stands for Mobile Solar Chargers, and its website shows a formidable range of hi-spec chargers for whatever application you desire; we liked this one’s ability to meaningfully trickle-charge off the sun as a backup to the already robust capacity, which is capable of charging either phones or small tablets at an excellent price. A huge 23,000mAh version is also available for £90.   


Capacity 6000mAh
Weight 178g
Weather-resistant? yes
Output 1 x 2.1A USB, 1 x 1A USB
Charging method USB/solar
Onboard storage? yes


Buy the MSC Traveler Solar Charger if you want a jack of all trades.

Review by Simon Ingram
Published in Trail magazine June 2014