Luminox EVO Navy SEAL Colormark 2009

Luminox trades on its association with America’s elite Navy SEALs: its website is full of pictures of stealth bombers, camouflaged dudes and big biceps. Its Swiss-made watches have their own illumination technology. The Luminox EVO Navy SEAL Colormark is a sleek model that is lightweight, and features a unidirectional bezel and tough rubber strap. These are impressive watches with a good reputation. But there are no additional features here, though the twisting bezel feels very durable and can be useful for timing on navigation legs.


Screen size 27mm diameter
Weight 42g
Features unidirectional bezel; borosilicate glass capsules provide illumination at night

Verdict: Luminox’s larger watches can be needlessly heavy for the hills, but the EVO Navy SEAL Colormark is a good balance of size and durability. We liked it a lot.


Review by Matt Swaine
First published in Trail magazine September 2009