Lifeventure Ceduna 90 (2014)

Wheeled outdoor luggage doesn’t come much neater than the Lifeventure Ceduna 90. To start with, the entire bag is made from durable Cordura fabric, which (even if you don’t know anything about its qualities) feels rugged and resilient from the off. Complemented by the extremely sturdy grab handles at the top and bottom, and the grippy – and lockable – little zip pulls, it all adds up to a product that oozes dependability. It boasts an excellent telescopic towing handle, which zips away for convenience, and good chunky wheels – making this a top choice for air travel. Variously inventive auxiliary compartments beyond the main storage and robust compression straps complete the package. At 3.9kg the weight-to-features compromise isn’t too bad, but it will eat into your baggage allowance.

Capacity 90 litres
Weight 3.9kg
Material Cordura



Buy the Lifeventure Ceduna 90 if you want durable wheeled luggage.

Review by Dan Aspel
First published in Trail magazine Spring 2014