Lifesystems Intensity 80 (2014)

The main feature of the Lifesystems Intensity 80 is its motion sensor, which allows you to wave your hand across the front of the headtorch to turn it on and off. The benefit of this is that it makes it extremely easy to operate the headtorch while wearing big gloves for example, as operating normal buttons with gloves is difficult with this type of glove. However for me the problem was that when you want to adjust the tilt of the head to direct the beam you inevitably switch the torch on or off! I found this incredibly frustrating and would much prefer just to have the beam switched either on or off via a well-designed big button. The headtorch does not get a battery power indicator either and it does not have the red LED for reading a map and preserving night vision. But having two white LEDs that are not operated via the motion sensor is useful. There’s also a red light on the back of the battery pack. For the price you are getting some good features but I’m not convinced that the motion sensor is one of them.

Bulb 1 x high power LED; 1 x red LED; 2 x white LED; 1 x rear red LED
Brightness 80 lumens
Maximum beam 70m
Maximum burn time 50 hours
Batteries 3xAAA
Battery charge indicator no
Weight with batteries 118g



If you like the motion sensor light activation feature then the Lifesystems Intensity 80 offers a good range of features for general walking and camping at a very competitive price.

Review by Graham Thompson
Just missed out on being in Trail magazine February 2014