LifeStraw (2014)

An extraordinary product that is finding considerable kudos with lightweight enthusiasts, the LifeStraw was born for use in developing countries where uncontaminated water is rare. It’s essentially a filter with a mouthpiece that strains out viruses and turbidity (murk) to turn just about any water source – even puddles – drinkable. This means that as long as you are travelling through an area where water is in reasonable supply, all you need is the straw – though you can of course pick up water to carry then just use the straw to drink it. It’s a risky strategy but no doubt it will appeal to many (the LifeStraw weighs a mere 54g), and for every consumer straw sold the company is able to provide one school child in Africa with clean water for a year. At just £30 for a 1000 litre life, this is just about as close to a perfect product we can imagine.    

Capacity n/a
Weight (empty) 54g
Other sizes? no


The LifeStraw is best for minimalists.

Review by Simon Ingram
First published in Trail magazine July 2014