Leki Ultralite Ergometric

The handles of these walking poles from Leki are designed specifically for left and right hands, and are very comfortable, with an easily adjustable and secure strap, and a good foam grip. They are light and brilliantly easy to manoeuvre while feeling very secure under pressure. They are simple to adjust, with a positive twist-lock mechanism. The poles have a compact pack-down length, but fully extended they are shortish, so not ideal for taller walkers.

Verdict: Great, lightweight and robust poles. Winners on three counts – comfort, weight and performance.

Length: 62-130cm (three sections)

Weight: 221g

Anti-shock: No

Handle: Ergometric Compact Long; Automatic Mesh Compact strap

Pole: 16/14/12 aluminium HTS 6.5; carbide tip

Contact: 01250 873863; www.ardblairsports.com