Leki Soft Antishock

These Leki Antishock trekking poles are hard to beat. They’re an excellent design with left/right-specific hand straps for comfort. This is one of few designs where the anti-shock works properly. There’s no means of gripping the bottom section, so they may be difficult to undo in winter, although we found the twist-locks easy to adjust and secure under load. That said, the design could be lighter and could do with a plastic grip above the basket.

Verdict: Excellent, comfortable and well-designed poles which just need some grip on the bottom section and they’d be perfect. Definitely one to consider if you use poles regularly and want anti-shock.

Length: 70-140cm (three sections)

Weight: 590g

Anti-shock: Yes (on/off)

Handle: Ergo Soft Compact

Pole: Aluminium HTS 6.5, carbide tip

Contact: 01250 873863, www.ardblairsports.com