Leki Sherpa

These trekking poles have nicely contoured handles, firmer than most, and comfy straps that are easy to adjust. They extend to 145cm, but the shortest marked length is a relatively long 110cm, although they will go shorter if necessary. These poles feel great on the hill and the Leki Super Lock System is one of the best twist-lock designs on the market, giving no slip at all. Sadly, though, the chrome tops on the handles soon start to look very tatty.


Length: 64-145cm (three sections)
Weight: 250g
Anti-shock: No
Handle: Soft absorbent foam/chrome top
Pole: Aluminium 7075
Contact: 01250 873863, www.ardblairsports.com

Verdict: Excellent midweight aluminium trekking poles that prove strong and reliable on the hill. Let down by tatty-looking chrome caps on top of the handles.