Leki MicroStick Carbon (2013)

For ease of use and clarity of design, the Leki MicroStick Carbon is a top choice. The slender 3-section poles collapse side by side to an eminently stowable size, while clicking them into their full length is an efficient and pleasing process. The lower two sections are joined by a plastic-coated inner tensioning cord. Once slotted into one another the third section slides out, releasing a sprung pin that holds it in place and tensions all three sections. It’s a swift action, and one that gives a feeling of utter solidity. The downside is that the Leki MicroStick Carbons are non-adjustable, making them a one-size-fits-all product; so you will have to decide which of the five available sizes is best for you. However, once you’ve done this you will never have to worry about setting them up correctly in the field. Beyond this, the leash and grip are of exceptional comfort, while the strong-but-lightweight design is sturdy enough to handle tough mountain terrain. They almost rival the Fizan Compact poles for light weight as well, being so insubstantial in the hands as to be almost unnoticeable. If the sizing suits you, you’re unlikely to find a more finely built or attractive pair of trekking poles.

Shaft material carbon
Handle material foam
Max length 110/115/120/125/130cm
Packed length 33cm
Locking mechanism internal tensioning cord with sprung pin
Weight 396g (pair)
Website www.leki.de


The Leki MicroStick Carbons were the best trekking poles for packed size in our test.

Review by Dan Aspel
First published in Trail magazine April 2013