Leki Dural 4 (2012)

Leki is probably the best-known trekking pole company, and its poles are well-distributed – which makes it fairly easy to find spare baskets when you lose one. While most poles are made with three sections of tubing, the Leki Dural 4  has four shafts – and this has the advantage of making the collapsed size shorter than most poles. However the pole also does not extend as much as some other poles, although at 130cm maximum length I still think this is all that most people will need. The Aergon Handle is designed to allow various grips to be used in comfort and it is also slightly better-shaped for the hand than lower-priced poles. The handle grip extends down the shaft so you can easily switch between shaft or handle grip. The pole sections have internal expansion locking devices and these work well, although as this is a four-section pole rather than a three-section pole it has an extra expansion lock to adjust, which potentially involves more work. The Leki Dural 4 is a great pole, but its price compared to others is high .


Shaft material aluminium alloy

Handle material foam with neoprene strap

Maximum length 130cm

Packed length 55cm

Weight 486g per pair

Anti-shock cushioning no

Website www.leki.de


The Leki Dural 4  is ideal if you need a shorter pole for stashing to the side of your rucksack, but the price is high compared to other options.


Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine March 2012