Led Lenser Headfire Revolution

This headtorch is very unusual due to its variable power facility, which allows you to turn a lever rather than simply switching between power settings. I found this very easy to use and it provided a good level of light that was ideal for general walking and camping. It’s also very lightweight at 130g, and beautifully finished. The head tilt is ratcheted so that it is easy to direct the beam. In general this is an excellent option with good features in most departments. But there is no top-of-head strap so this is not as secure as some. Also you do not get a ‘power remaining’ indicator. If wearing the headtorch under a hood it is harder to change the power output, while the hood may inadvertently move the control lever. The tilted head is riveted in place, so it cannot be adjusted as easily as a bolted design.

Vital stats
Bulbs 1x 1.25 watt LED
Batteries 3 x AAA (included)
Max burn time 50 hours  
Weight with batteries 130g
Made in Far East
Stores in UK 100

Verdict This provides superb power control, but there are drawbacks so it may not suit all walkers.