Review: Even the most basic design of pole will take its share of the load and improve walking performance. If it’s well-made, strong, reasonably light, ultra-reliable and available for a very reasonable £40 per pair like the Leki Trail, then it’s going to take some beating. The grip is slim, soft and comfy in the hand, and the straps, whilst basic, are broad enough to spread the load comfortably. But it’s out on the trail that these poles really come into their own. There are lighter models out there, but few that will get close to this one for strength and reliability; and the Leki Super Lock twistlock mechanism is absolutely superb, needing very little effort to ensure a totally reliable lock. Simple, but pure quality and excellent value for money.
Made from: Aluminium
Sections: Three
Min/max walking length: 65-145cm
Weight (pair): 550g
Antishock: No
Contact: 01250 873863, www.leki.de